It describes the project organisation in terms of work plan

may 2020


Starting ICARUS Concept definition

The first phase is dedicated to the definition of Concept: State-of-art analysis, GNSS Navigation Requirements, currently available digital Terrain Model, Ground obstacles data bases, coordination with other SESAR JU relevant projects.

Output: Definition of Concept through 5 relevant use cases, identification of gaps

sept/oct 2020


We will propose a web survey as a tool to engage the community and understand users’ requirements.  The community acceptance of a GNSS based altimetry measurement system will be the main aspect.

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Output: survey results.

nov 2020


Prototype Service Design

The architecture of the prototype service will be defined, considering the Concept definition and the gaps identified. A prototype service will be implemented in the form of an Application Program Interface for two EU U-space service providers.

Output: Design and implementation of a Prototype service for the validation phase.


apr 2021


Simulated environment

Some elements of the selected use cases will be simulated through the involvement of simulation platforms and digital tools. This is a testing phase dedicated to upgrade the available simulation platforms and interface ICARUS prototype service (U-space service providers, Tablet App, General Aviation Cockpit simulator)

Output: Integrated simulation SW environment

sept 2021


Validation activities

Some elements of the selected use cases will be moved from the simulation environment to a real operation scenario. In particular drones using the new GNSS geodetic altitude datum will be used to validate the concept and verify the navigation requirements identified.

Output: GNSS based altimetry validation report

jul 2022


End of project

Finalization of the CONOPS proposed with reference to the UAS-UAS navigation requirements, Ground obstacles clearance and UAS-Manned Aircrafts operational procedures. Proposal of a new U3 U-space service aimed at altitude translation.

Output: Final CONOPS, Proposal for standardization of the Common Altitude Reference System

This project has received funding from the SESAR Joint Undertaking under the EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement N°.

ICARUS – H2020 – SESAR – 2019/2 – Ref. 894593

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European vision for the U-space aims to enable complex drone operations with a high degree of automation to happen in all types of operational environments, particularly in an urban context. When fully deployed, a wide range of drone missions that are currently being restricted will be possible thanks to a sustainable and robust European ecosystem that is globally interoperable.